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Your feet can be prone to quite a few problems, especially if you do a lot of walking as part of your daily routine, whether it's exercise or work. This can lead to some minor problems, such as fungus or calluses. Let us help you with those problems.

Keep your feet looking and feeling their best for your health.


Toenail trimming can seem like a simple task, but it may not always be the case with particularly fussy pediatric or geriatric members of the family.


Under our expertise of the foot and patience of our staff, your loved ones can get regular toenail trimming without stress on either their part or yours.

Get help with fussy family members

If you are prone to corns and calluses, you may be embarrassed to show your feet and, therefore, keep them under wraps.


When you get your corns and calluses treated by our doctor, your feet will no longer be a source of embarrassment. You'll be free to wear the sandals and open-toed shoes you've always wanted to wear.

Proudly display your feet

Minor foot problems such as fungus can be embarrassing, but you'll always feel comfortable

at our office - we'll help you address your issues in a safe environment.

Get quality care for your feet

Experience spectacular foot upkeep

Foot and ankle treatment