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When the muscles in your feet become worn out and overused, their efficiency at absorbing shock wears down and your bones absorb the shock instead. This can cause fractures that are painful, so let us find the source of your pain.

If you're in pain, let us check to see if you've fractured your foot.


When it comes to treating foot and ankle fractures the course of action depends on the severity of the fracture. There are both surgical and non-surgical options.


Dr. Joseph G. Burckhardt will thoroughly examine you, including asking questions about your activities and daily routines.

He will then put you on the best course

of treatment.

Receive quality treatment

After gathering information about your daily activities and routine, Dr. Joseph G. Burckhardt can then assess your situation and recommend exercises and give you prevention tips so you avoid fracturing

your foot again.


By following his advice and suggestions, you can recover quickly and gain strength in your foot to avoid over usage again.

Prevent further fractures

If you suspect a fracture, stop doing whatever activity you were doing, get some rest and tend to the injury with ice and elevation. Make an appointment with us as soon as possible.

Don't cause further damage or pain

Find the source of the fracture and pain

A foot being held

We are using the latest Digital X-ray.