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A flat foot is a condition also known as a "fallen arch". The arch on the inside of your foot is flattened, which means your entire foot touches the floor when you stand. Flat feet are a common condition and usually painless. It usually appears from ages 5 to 16.

Don't suffer any longer from pain brought on by flat feet.


Through his years of experience practicing, Dr. Joseph G. Burckhardt can assess your situation and offer you an array of options for treatment to give you relief from pain.


Some common courses of treatment for painful flat feet are arch supports, orthotic devices, stretching exercises, and proper shoe wear. These all work to reduce

your symptoms.

Minimize your pain

Flat feet are usually painless and do not require any treatment if there is no pain. Even though it was once a condition that prevented you from joining the military, it is actually not such a serious condition and you can live a normal life.


By wearing proper shoes and doing stretching exercises, you can walk and run like everyone else.

Live a normal life

Although flat feet do not usually cause pain, they can often cause problems in the knees and ankles. This means you should get the condition corrected to alleviate pain.

Correct your flat feet if there is pain

Flat feet don't have to debilitate you

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