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Diabetes is a condition that affects your entire body, including your legs and feet. Although there can be ordinary symptoms from diabetes, some can lead to worse conditions if left untreated. Make an appointment with us to find solutions for your pain.

Don't let diabetes take over your life - seek treatment today.


When you come in for your appointment, Dr. Joseph G. Burckhardt may suggest diabetic shoes to wear on a daily basis.


Diabetic shoes are highly beneficial, since they can not only provide foot support and comfort; they can also reduce the risk of foot conditions, such as skin breakdown. Don't let neuropathy destroy your feet.

Walk with ease

Like everyone else, you may get calluses and foot ulcers from daily activity. However, neuropathy from diabetes can cause you to be unaware of such conditions, which can become aggravated as time goes on.


When you visit our practice, we'll keep

an eye out for these things and suggest

the appropriate steps to taking care of them.

Treat your feet

Neuropathy in diabetes is common and can cause foot injuries to go unnoticed because of loss of feeling. Come in regularly to make sure everything is ok.

Have your feet regularly checked

Reduce your diabetic symptoms

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